Finding Your Inspiration

Each of us is touched by at least one person who has mentored or inspired us to follow our passion.  If it were not for that person’s influence, life as we experience it, might have been altogether different.  Sometimes that influence comes at a time when we are vulnerable, perhaps after an especially challenging time.  At other times we learn most when our life seems invincible and creativity flows almost effortlessly.  Either way, learning and awakening of the spirit occurs when we open to the influence of mentors who can act as catalysts for change.

Since behavior change is what so many people are after when it comes to eating, why not take a look at how we learned best from those who have inspired us along the way?  Did you try becoming a vegetarian because of a family member or friend who inspired you to shift to plant-based food for health or sustainability reasons?  Or did you experience fresh, wholesome food when on a retreat and that experience motivated you to try growing vegetables and herbs to spark up your meals?

In my case, my mother inspired me with her compassion for humanity, her sense of wonder, and her positive nature;  I learned to appreciate examples of beauty and joy in real time.  Somehow I learned to open to the potential for growth through her brand of curiosity for people and what they could achieve, whether it was artistic expression or just getting beyond a rocky time.    

I am grateful to her for inspiring me to learn, grow and smile on life.

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05 2011

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