Feeding yourself

Food, glorious food!  But is it?  The sight of pumpkin scones at Trader Joe’s or the smell of pumpkin coffee at Dunkin Donuts might lure us in for a purchase and “a treat”.  Remember, “You deserve a break today…at McDonald’s”?  Our brains get excited just thinking about the fun of eating that food that we might not have tasted for a while.  Oh, and while we’re there we might try the pumpkin waffles (they’re whole grain) and pumpkin butter to slather on for an extra seasonal celebration.

Heck, just reading the TJ’s circular about all the pumpkin products such as “This pumpkin walks into a bar”, makes me want to jump into my car and scoop up some yummy foods to celebrate the arrival of fall.   Once I get a bushel of treats at home, I try a bit of this, then that and just a little more of it before wrapping it up for the night.  Who care’s about the baked salmon with acorn squash and salad I had planned for dinner?  Then after the yummy tastes of fall I decide to skip the meal entirely.  Some time passes after a few loads of laundry or a session of helping a family member solve a pressing problem, and it’s time for another trip to the pantry and freezer, where the fun times live.

But wait.  I forgot to feed myself.  I certainly took care of the needs of my family.  Ditto the bottom line at TJ’s, Dunkin’s or some other corporate sponsor of fall feeding frenzy.  But have honestly taken care of my needs?  “Fed” myself actually?

What really feeds us when you stop and turn off the noise of the computer adds, the radio in the car with the jungles, the spam, the office treats?  Just how would you spend your day if you had no one to look after, time and money to burn, and good health and freedom in every way?

If we could nurture that quiet need that lives in each of us, we might discover a passion for reading, getting dirty in a flowerbed, or learning how to make something cool.  Or maybe we love travel, seeing glorious vistas, learning about exotic cultures or spying nature from a log near a path.

If we learned to honor our basic pleasures on a regular basis with consistency and dedication to creating the time and resources to see it through, the real meal might feed us more than ever.  And how would the artificially flavored pumpkin “treats” in the crinkly packages feel if we had a real choice for something grander?

How do you feed yourself?

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10 2013

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