Happy Holidays

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Happy and Healthy Holidays!

Holidays can offer a wonderful opportunity to reconnect with friends and family, take a breather from our busy lives,  and hopefully take in the sights of winter around us, whether it appears in a vivid sunset, a sun-dappled trail or in a festively illuminated skyscraper.

With all the hype and anticipation of this “perfect time of year” so many of us are not exactly relishing the holidays. For one reason or another the hours spent with our biological families or those of our spouses and friends can be dicey affairs, especially when the undertones of conflict or sadness seep up to the surface and we notice an old resentment that never quite healed.

Our culture, usually bent on celebrating the joys of the season, doesn’t seem to provide much space for reflection, mindfulness and just plain nostalgia for what was or what might have been. Perhaps the best way we can honor our authentic selves is to give ourselves and each other time to experience the moments of clarity that the winter and its solstice can sometimes provide.

This is a great time to get indoors and “dig into reading”, as my favorite bookmark, depicting a squirrel nesting in a tree trunk with a great book, says. Play an old fashioned game with a few friends or take a walk by water. Here’s hoping you have a moment to connect with your own holiday spirt and when you’re ready, take a look towards the possibilities that the new year brings.

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