I am a registered dietitian (RD) and licensed dietitian-nutritionist (LDN) working as a private practitioner and nutrition coach in Wellesely, MA and East Providence, RI.

Nutrition coaching may take the form of step-by-step behavioral coaching for weight loss, weight maintenance, or even weight gain.  Additionally, my practice addresses nutrition lifestyle changes needed to treat food sensitivities as well as effective nutrition management of diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease or certain types of cancers that respond to nutrition interventions.

In treating individuals with disordered eating, eating disorders and eating addictions, I have witnessed the vicious cycle of out-of-control eating followed by shame and self-criticism.  Of course the destructive eating patterns have little to do with food itself; the diet-based treatments that largely prevail in conventional wisdom often create or exacerbate disordered eating.  Rather, gradual introduction to personal acceptance and permission to savor “forbidden” foods in a controlled environment lays the foundation for the change necessary to achieve lasting health and wellness.   Having led the positive transformations that can result from an acceptance of nature’s drive to eat and having witnessed the damage that can result from attempting to disengage from physical urges, I have begun speaking and writing about successful solutions.

I also work at Newton-Wellesley Hospital’s Center for General and Weight Loss Surgery.

Formerly, I worked as the director of nutrition services at Walden Behavioral Care, LLC, a Boston area psychiatric and eating disorders treatment center and directed the center’s binge and night eating treatment program, Mastering Balance.

In this web-log I hope to inform readers on how to overcome compulsive food challenges without compromising the potential for food to nourish.

I have been working in the field of nutrition for over 25 years, with a focus on eating disorders, obesity medicine and helping individuals move toward controlling their urges to eat foods or portions beyond their personal comfort zones.  Additionally I have been trained to work with children and families who struggle to shift their eating styles.

My passion for working with those who want to achieve lasting changes to improve health and experience a greater sense of well-being is informed by my training in nutrition science (Masters in Public Health, University of California at Los Angeles and Bachelor of Science from New York University) and my clinical training in teaching hospitals and clinical settings, where I have witnessed spontaneous recovery in those who melded accurate information, tested tools for change and solid support.

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